Top 15 Wrestlers Who Will Retire In The Next 5 Years

  1. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar, a mountain turned man who eats live deer whole, is the best special attraction in wrestling today. He doesn’t appear on WWE television often, but when he does, all eyes are on him. He works a notoriously brisk schedule, showing up every few months or so to wreck havoc and take main event spots from other dudes, and makes a ton of money. Given his already light schedule, monetary security, possible ambitions for a future in MMA, and a public disdain for travel, it wouldn’t be surprising if Brock Lesnar walked away from the squared circle and disappeared altogether. He has nothing left in the wrestling business and while many fans enjoy his particular brand of carnage, many others wouldn’t be too sad to see him go, as they’re sick of a “part timer” taking away the spotlight from more deserving workers. However, it’s impossible to predict what Lesnar will do: he could retire tomorrow and spend the rest of his days in his bone mansion on Murder Mountain, or he could continue to work his limited schedule for the next twenty years. It’s Brock’s World, he just cower in fear of it.

  1. Goldust

Please take a moment to celebrate Goldust’s brilliance. He’s managed to make his insane, androgynous, glitter demon weirdo gimmick work for more than 20 years. Short of The Undertaker and Kane, no one has made more of career out of utter insanity than Goldust (For his sake, let’s all forget Black Reign was a thing). With that said, Goldust is 47 years old and while he’s still good in the ring and people still like him, he’s not getting any younger and retirement’s more than likely in the cards. At the moment, he’s in a dead-end tag team with R-Truth, Golden Truth, and, like Truth, he’s only really used for bad comedy bits and squash matches. Given his prominent role backstage with the company, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust hang up his boots sooner rather than later. He’s earned retirement, and a probable induction into the Hall of Fame; very few people have committed so much to something so bizarre.