Top 15 Thanksgiving Moments In NFL History

Top 15 Thanksgiving Moments In NFL History

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays celebrated each year by many who live in the United States. It is a time when most gather with family and friends to catch up and feast over a wonderful assortment of food.

But just like getting together with family members is a Thanksgiving tradition for many, so too is NFL football. Many football fans have likely slipped into their turkey coma to the sound of John Madden, or most recently Al Michaels, babbling on about a certain play that went on during a game and how it relates to Thanksgiving.

There have been some great games that have taken place on this holiday, and there have also been some absolutely horrendous games. But with a national audience watching each year, a number of plays that have taken place during these Thanksgiving games have gone on to become some of the most memorable in the history of the league.

Here are the top 15 Thanksgiving moments in NFL history.


From 2004 to 2012, the Detroit Lions lost nine straight games played on Thanksgiving. For a team that traditionally plays on the holiday each year, this certainly was not a good way to promote their team to the rest of America.

But in 2013, the Lions were slated to play their longtime division rival in the Green Bay Packers. With the Packers heading into the game without the luxury of having quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the lineup due to a broken collarbone, this seemed like a great chance for Detroit to break their Thanksgiving day losing streak.

Well a great chance it was, as the Lions went on to beat Green Bay by a final score of 40-10. Detroit out scored the Packers 23-0 in the second half and could finally celebrate a long-awaited Thanksgiving victory in front of their home crowd.


Most longtime football fans know Lawrence Taylor as the former New York Giants linebacker who terrorized opposing quarterbacks with his bone-crushing tackles. But on Thanksgiving day in 1982, Taylor actually used his coverage skills to lead the Giants to a win over the Detroit Lions.

With the game tied at six points apiece in the fourth quarter, the Lions were driving and were just three yards away from scoring a go-ahead touchdown. But Taylor had other ideas.

Detroit quarterback Gary Danielson dropped back to pass on 3rd down and threw the ball towards the left side of the end zone. But instead of the ball landing in the hands of Lions running back Horace King, Taylor snatched the football out of midair and returned in 97 yards the other way for the game-winning touchdown.