Top 15 NHL Players With Embarrassing Arrest Stories

Top 15 NHL Players With Embarrassing Arrest Stories


When high profile figures get in trouble with the law, there’s something that makes it just that more interesting to follow. Lately, high profile athletes have been finding themselves in the headlines for more of the wrong reasons than the good. In the large group of men who play in the NHL, you will find your fair share of guys who tend to push the pace a little too hard. Although the NHL does not have as bad a reputation as other sporting leagues, it has its fair share of delinquents who find themselves in sticky situations. In some cases, things go beyond your average sex, drugs, and rock n roll and start to venture into little things like DUIs, kidnapping, oh yeah and attempted murder. They hit high points in their careers where they believe they are untouchable and immune to discipline, which tends to back fire and not exactly work to their advantage. The results usually end in warnings or fines, but in some cases however it’s probation and even some alone time in the slammer to reflect on their sins.

Here are the Top 15 NHL Players with Crazy Arrests, or have had their fair share of legal troubles.


Mike Richards kicks off the list as a current unrestricted free agent whose most recent team was the Washington Capitals. He captained the Philadelphia Flyers and has also played for the Los Angeles Kings winning two cups with the team. The Canadian boy who hails from Kenora, Ontario found himself in some trouble at a Canada- US boarder crossing last summer. Richards was found in possession of the prescription pain killer Oxycodone and arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency officers at Emerson which is right on the North Dakota border.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and a court date was set. Due to the situation the Kings quickly terminated his contract, which had five years and $22 million remaining on it, but was since given permission by NHL officials to resume his career in the league.


Ryan O’Reilly is yet another Canadian who holds an A on the Buffalo Sabres, but started his career playing on the Colorado Avalanche for six seasons. After signing a seven-year, $52 million deal with the Sabers, his offseason arrest came in a rather Canadian way when he drove his truck into a Tim Horton’s in Ontario. Last summer while in he was driving in his vintage green 1951 Chevy pick up, O’Reilly hit the Timmy’s while driving impaired. The crash occurred shortly after 400 in the morning and he ran away from the scene with the other passengers that were in the car. After witnesses called the police, O’Reilly was located a few blocks from the scene with blood alcohol levels over the legal limit. However, to his luck, he was acquitted of all charges after about an hour.


Jarret Stoll is currently playing as an unrestricted free agent who has signed a professional try out contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He has formerly played on a number of teams, including winning the Stanley Cup twice with the Kings. Last year as Stoll was cruising through Las Vegas he brought a little extra fun to the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool. During a routine search the hockey stud was found with both an 8-ball of cocaine and capsules of Ecstasy in the pockets of his board shorts. Stoll who has famously been dating Erin Andrews was transported to a nearby jail and booked for drug possession. In court the charges were lowered from felony to a pair of misdemeanors, and 32 hours of some community service to complete.


Claude Giroux is currently captain of the Philadelphia Flyers and has been on the team since he was drafted there in the 2006 NHL draft, 22nd overall. The Flyers star center was arrested a few years back during a night on the town in which he decided it would be a good idea to not only grab a police officer’s buttocks, but allegedly mock the officer as well. Alcohol obviously was a prominent factor in the situation and occurred while the officers were conducting a routine walk through of the bar in which he was greeted with the outstretched hand of Giroux.

It is reported that the officers involved did not initially know whom they were dealing with and took him outside the bar to be talked to and later arrested. Giroux spent his night in jail and was released the next morning with no charges being laid in the end, but he was expected to make a $20,000 donation to an Ottawa Charity.


Ryan Malone is a former forward who played on teams such as the Penguins, Rangers, and Lightning. He was best known to be the first born and raised Pittsburgh player to suit up for the Penguins in an NHL game. While playing left wing for the Lightning, Malone was arrested one Saturday morning for driving under the influence…. while in possession of cocaine. During a traffic stop an officer noticed there was some alcohol on his breath, and he refused to take a field sobriety test.

After searching Malone they found cocaine in his pocket and upon further research he was found to have at least seven other traffic violations, including driving with a suspended license, resulting in his lovely big Suburban to be impounded. Two months after the charges were laid the Lightning bought out Malone, and he signed a two-way contract with the Rangers.


Patrick Roy is a well-known former goaltender and was then the coach and vice president of hockey operations for the Colorado Avalanche. He split his lengthy career between the Avalanche and Canadiens for a total of 18 years. Back in 2000 the goaltender that popularized the butterfly style was arrested on domestic violence charges. Roy’s wife called the police during an argument, as she was afraid of what her husband was going to do. Roy admitted to pulling two bedroom doors right off the hinges and when connected to the police she hung up without speaking. When taken to court he was issued a standard restraining order to restrain from drugs and alcohol, but the fiery goalie was never formally charged, as it didn’t meet the qualifications to be an act of domestic violence.


Nikolai Khabibulin is a former goalie that is originally from Russia who was nicknamed the Bulin Wall. He has won Olympic medals, is a four-time NHL All-Star, and was even the first Russian goaltender to win a Stanley Cup. His problems first began when he was pulled over while driving his black Ferrari 70 miles an hour in a 45 mph zone. It was discovered his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and was found guilty of two different charges. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a fine to pay, leaving his team hanging without a goalie behind them. He served the first 15 days in jail and the next 15 under house arrest with an ankle monitor, as well as being subjected to random testing. The back injury he was nursing at the tine is said to be a factor.