Top 15 Hottest Women That Basketball Players Hooked Up With

Top 15 Hottest Women That Basketball Players Hooked Up With


Big money contracts and a career in the spotlight as a high profile athlete is an attraction to many women. However, just as much as NBA players are an attraction to single women, so to are the hottest females North America has to offer. For the most part, NBA players are well conditioned and very well paid, an attraction to any warm blooded individual regardless of who you are. If you are a member of your team’s starting five, chances are you are a target of many media avenues and in the spotlight, again another perk of the job and for some a source of attraction.

Unlike NFL, NHL or MLB whose uniforms have added pads and helmets covering their faces and physiques, the NBA uniform allows for fans to appreciate the hard work that countless hours in the weight room created. Add in the long road trips in various cities on numerous nights and the eye candy on the court attracts the eye candy in the stands. While there are certainly a fair number of NBA players who have found “the one,” there are an equal amount that have decided to play the field and continue to enjoy the buffet of beautiful women that meet them in the players tunnel, the hotel lobby, the elevator or, for the lucky few, the hotel room.

For the most part, the women listed below are not the desperately seeking Susan’s that hope to be “the one,” but rather a list of the top 15 hottest women that NBA players were/are equally as lucky to play a different kind of one on one game with.


Although at the age of 58, the “Material Girl” isn’t exactly as hot as she once was, it was during the 90s that she made her way around the NBA with a trio of Hall Of Famers. Rumor has it that “Madge” was more impressed with Robin than she was Batman, as she was pleased with what Scottie Pippen had to offer rather than that of his teammate, Michael Jordan. Madonna’s flings with the former Chicago Bulls were kept relatively quiet compared to her relationship with the Bad Boy of the NBA, Dennis Rodman. It was during “The Worm’s” outward cry for attention that he became involved in a relationship with Madonna for several months in 1994.

As one of the most influential and successful singer, songwriter, and actresses of all-time, Madonna steered away from the sports spotlight after her relationship with Rodman, focusing more on establishing her career as a serious artist and settling into motherhood with her four children.


A multi-time Grand Slam tennis champion, Maria Sharapova had a four year relationship with current NY Knicks guard Sasha Vujačić from 2009-2012. Although they were engaged to be married, the tennis star broke off her relationship with the NBA journeyman for a short relationship with a fellow tennis pro.

The former number one ranked female tennis player was easily the bread winner in the relationship with a career earnings of over $285 million. When Sharapova isn’t involved with the game, she has her hand in a number of endorsements and modelling gigs, including Nike, Gatorade and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Life isn’t all just fun and games for the 29 year old Russian beauty as she is also heavily involved with her Maria Sharapova Foundation, which caters towards assisting youth in achieving their goals and dreams.


If you consider second rate reality TV to be something of celebrity status, then Gloria Govan fits the bill. As one of the main stars of Basketball Wives, the former Mrs. Matt Barnes and current girlfriend of three-time NBA champion Derek Fisher, Govan has made a name for herself along the sidelines of the game.

Late in 2015, the media blew up with reports of Barnes showing up unannounced at Govan’s house ready to throw down with the former NY Knicks coach. Although Barnes and Govan had already split, for whatever reason, Barnes felt disrespected by Fisher and was ready to fight. Although more was made of it than apparently what really happened, the event put Govan into the spotlight even more than ever and that’s a shame really.


In 2014, there may not have been a hotter individual than the Australian rapper, who along with her chart topping single Fancy also had her relationship with LA Lakers guard Nick Young take over social media outlets. Life would remain hot for Azalea as she teamed up with Jennifer Lopez at the end of 2014 for the steamy video for Booty and she would later announce her engagement to Swaggy P in the summer of 2015.

However, just as quickly as Iggy found North American popularity, she was upset as her second studio album failed to find a release date after multiple rumors and her relationship with Young falling apart after the infamous D’Angelo Russell video. With her already well publicized behind, Azalea figured to turn up the heat when she returns to the spotlight by enhancing her chest as well, maybe a source inspiration to counter the Booty single?


First there was the well documented relationship with former LA Lakers star Lamar Odom. But then like all other Kardashian unions, sadly it became more tabloid trash than anything else.

After taking some time away from the hardwood, the media mogul Khloe returned to the NBA for a short run with Houston Rockets star James Harden. Unfortunately (or fortunately) that relationship came to an end as once again Odom’s downward spiral of a life took center stage. After reuniting for a short period in which Kardashian tried to help her former husband get his life straight, she once again found herself as a free agent. Currently linked with Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson, Kardashian is a guard and a center short of a starting lineup.


She may have “broken the internet,” married one of the most controversial musicians of our time and earned the right as being one of the most publicized tabloid magazine stories of all-time, but the most popular Kardashian also made Kris Humphries famous.

For 72 days, the presumed publicity stunt wedding made Humphries more of a household name than anything else he has done in his NBA career. While Kim hasn’t made the NBA rounds as many time as her sister Khloe, her dating resume is filled with a number of A, B and C list of celebrities including, Ray-J, Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush, 50 Cent, Cristiano Ronaldo, Miles Austin and now finally settling down with her husband and father of two, Kanye West. You gotta tip your hat to the Hump for getting his 4320 minutes of fame!


The year was 1996.  The team, the Dallas Mavericks. The individuals involved; Jason Kidd, Jimmy Jackson and R&B songstress Toni Braxton. Rumor has it that Braxton left Kidd “holding the ball” while she rolled out with his teammate for a evening. Although for years, all three have denied this drama took place, there appeared to be enough animosity between the two Mavs that Kidd demanded a trade and Jackson would soon follow suit.

The move sent the up-and-coming Mavericks into a tailspin as it broke up their version of a big three with Kidd, Jackson and Jamal Mashburn. All of this took place as Braxton was preparing her sophomore album Secrets. While musically she isn’t burning up the charts as she did in the 90s and early 2000s, Braxton is looking to release the second part of a duet album (Love, Marriage and Divorce) with Babyface early next year.


The average fan will be sitting there scratching their head wondering, “who?” The dedicated fan will be sitting there scratching their head wondering, “how!?!”

Back in 2014, when current LA Lakers sixth man was with the Toronto Raptors, Lou Williams was found to be in a relationship with both Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell. Sure, big deal, lots of NBA players have been known to have a couple of girls on the go, especially in various cities. But what made this relationship unique was “Blonde” and “Brown” (hair color and apparent nicknames given by Williams) both knew about each other and often were seen out and about as a threesome! Sadly for all men living their dreams vicariously through Williams, only Mitchell made the final cut, while Henderson, who is the baby mama to two of Williams’ daughters, has been kicked to the curb.