Top 15 Hottest Soccer Daughters

  1. Claudia Hierro

Here we have another talented retired Spanish player known as Fernando Hierro, who was capable of easily playing defense at 3 different positions, and who was known for being a great defender with phenomenal passing skills and an ability to score goals. As a player, Fernando had a career which spanned from 1987 to 2005, but it was his time with Real Madrid that saw him have the most success, as he scored 102 goals in 439 appearances while with the club, and he won 5 La Liga and 3 Champions League titles. Fernando has 2 children, including his daughter Claudia, who became very well known after pictures of this beautiful blonde surfaced during her family’s vacation in Ibiza; and she is currently dating Spanish striker, Alvaro Vazquez.

  1. Estelle Bergkamp

In soccer, every single country has at least one player who is overwhelmingly considered to be the best player in the nation’s history, and in the Netherlands, it is Dennis Bergkamp who has the honor of being known as the best Dutch player of all time. Bergkamp played forward throughout the entirety of his 20-year career, a career which saw him score 201 goals in 552 appearances, and on the international stage, he played for his country 79 times, in which he managed to score 37 goals, The Dutch are known for quite a few things, one of which is attractive women, and Dennis’ daughter Estelle is one of them, as she is absolutely gorgeous, and she is currently making her dad proud by attending college.