Top 15 Hottest Soccer Daughters

  1. Danielle Favatto

There is a reason why Brazil is considered to be the mecca of soccer, and that would be because the game is basically the lifeblood of the country, which is why it produces so many of the world’s best players. One of these players is Romario, who played professionally from 1985 to 2009, and he was a vital piece of the Brazilian team that went on to win the 1994 World Cup which was held in the United States. The history books will remember Romario as being one of the greatest forwards of all time, and although he was an incredibly prolific scorer, he will also be known for having a very attractive daughter. Her name is Danielle, and even though not much is really known about her, she is a hot Brazilian woman who enjoys posting pictures of herself on social media.

  1. Natalia Butragueno

Emilio Butragueno, was a Spanish striker who began his career in 1982, but he will always be remembered for the 11 years (1984-1995) that he spent with the Spanish club Real Madrid, which is the place that he earned the nickname “The Vulture”. While with Real Madrid, he played in 341 games, where he scored a total of 123 goals, and he also went on to play for Spain internationally where he scored 26 goals in 69 games, and it would appear as though he passed his talented legs down to his daughter, as she makes her living with them as well. Natalia is a beautiful woman, who is fluent in both Spanish and English, and she currently makes her living as a professional dancer and ballerina.