Top 15 Hottest Soccer Daughters

  1. Matilde Mourinho

It should come as little surprise that soccer players are incredibly narcissistic individuals, a statement which is validated by the fact that quite a few of them now insist on looking like douchey models. Possibly the most narcissistic person in the game of soccer is Jose Mourinho, a native of Portugal who played professionally for 7 years, and who is now considered to be one of the best managers in the game. Mourinho is known for his vigor and intense coaching style, which has led to him winning multiple championships with several teams, which makes it hard to believe that he did not act the same way while raising his children. Jose has one daughter named Matilde, who is named after her mother, and this stunning brunette made headlines when she appeared at the GQ awards with her father while wearing a revealing gown.

  1. Lauren Dalglish

England and Scotland have had a tenuous relationship for centuries, just look at the movie Braveheart, but despite their differences, some Scottish individuals have England to thank for their prosperity, with Kenny Dalglish being one of them. Kenny’s playing career spanned for 22 years, where he played in a total of 559 games with Celtic and Liverpool, two teams which he later went on to manage; and internationally he appeared in 102 games for Scotland, the most of any player, and his 30 international goals leave him tied for the most in Scottish history, making him one of the best players in Scotland’s history. Away from the game of soccer, Kenny has had four children, including his beautiful daughter Lauren who loves to grace us with pictures of herself on her Instagram account.