Top 15 Hottest Soccer Daughters

  1. Florencia Zaccanti

Not every former player who appears on this list used to be a great player, as in Cosme Zaccanti’s case, he just happened to be the best player on the Argentinian team known as Racing Club de Avellaneda. In total, Cosme spent 7 years as one of the club’s defenders, where he more or less became an icon to the fans, and after retiring in 2001, he went on to manage 3 different teams in Argentina before taking a new coaching job in Uruguay earlier in 2016. Although Zaccanti has moved to another country, his daughter Florencia still lives in Argentina, and this latin beauty has made a living by modeling, and she looks great while doing it; and she also seems to be attracted to athletes, as she has been rumored to have had an affair with at least one current soccer player.

  1. Elmira Dassaeva

Based on how big the net is in soccer, you would think that the goalie position would not matter all that much, but in reality, it matters quite a bit, as only a few shots actually make it to the net, shots which have a much higher chance of going in if there is not a competent goalie to stop them. Rinat Dasayev was a Russian goalie who played the bulk of his career with the Soviet Union, and not only is he to this day considered one of the 2 best goalies in the country’s history, but he is also seen as one of the game’s all-time best goalies. Rinat has a daughter named Elmira, who is an accomplished athlete in her own right, as she is a former gymnast who won the individual’s championship in 2005, which led her to be named that year’s Russian Athlete of the Year.