Top 15 Hilarious Pics Of Drunk NHL Stars

Top 15 Hilarious Pics Of Drunk NHL Stars


With the NHL Conference finals well underway, the league inches closer to crowning this season’s top team. Hoisting Lord Stanley’s cup serves as the rewarding culmination of making it through the gauntlet of a tournament that is the NHL playoffs. From there, the celebration of a lifetime ensues. These parties have provided fans with some of the most rambunctious moments of testosterone-driven debauchery known to all of pro sports, as some were kind enough to capture on camera for our amusement.

Hockey players carry the distinction of being the heaviest drinkers amongst all professional athletes, with well documented instances of golden tabloid material nuggets to lay truth to this claim, as we will see. This is not a recent phenomenon either. The new generation of stars are equally as faulty as the legends of the past who surely showed them the ropes, or the bottoms of bottles in this case. The older wave merely benefited from living in the pre-smart phone era, where most of their benders could only be told in story, and not on film.

We present to you some of the most outrageous photos of NHL stars caught on camera while severely inebriated!


Brad Marchand

The quintessential pest of this league, Brad Marchand is the type of player you hate to play against, but would love to have on your team. With a fair dose of sand paper in his game that makes him a prime agitator, Marchand has successfully scored 20+ goals in five of his first seven full seasons in the league. He is coming off a career high 37 goals for the Boston Bruins this year and was a pivotal figure in Boston’s 2011 cup win, scoring two goals in the decisive seventh game. His reputation off the ice appears to be just as snarly as on it, with several raunchy pictures of Marchand circling the internet. This one is our favorite as the Nose-Face-Killah attempts to juggle bottles and saliva all at once.


Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin was unceremoniously shipped out Boston in 2013 in a trade the organisation seems to have yet recover from. Much of the talk behind the trade was the former second overall pick’s incompatibility with an older veteran core in Boston. Seguin was rumored to be quite the party animal, often being late to team meetings and even being suspended for missing a practice. His life style simply did not fit with the ideology and philosophies upper management on Causeway street had in mind for their hockey club. While there is no denying Seguin’s ability on the ice as one of the prime snipers in the game today, he, much like former Bruins buddy Brad Marchand, has quite the compromising archive of party snippets circling the web today.


Carey Price

Regarded by many as the best hockey player on the planet, all positions confounded, Carey Price would be excused for drinking after the season both he and his team had. Shelved with injuries virtually all year, the Montreal Canadians record breaking start to the season crashed and burned almost at the instance Price was placed on injured reserve. The club imploded and shipped away much of their excess weight eyeing a rebuild for next season, in hopes their All-World goalie can regain his health and the form that won him league MVP and Vezina trophies in 2015. Prior to becoming the star that he appears today, Price was rumored to be quite the party animal in his younger years in Montreal. With no shortage in funds, fame and renowned establishment in the city, many candid shots of Price have been captured throughout the years.


Jaormir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr will be forever remembered as one of the greatest players of all time. At 43, he led the upstart Panthers team in scoring and guided their promising young team to the playoffs for the first time in ages. He has a career that spans across three decades in the league. He has won countless scoring titles and two Stanley Cups, Olympic Gold in ’98 and a plethora of other accolades. He prides himself in keeping in top shape, which has allowed him to play this long. In a testament to the true character and icon that he is, this picture was posted by a young woman who blackmailed Jagr into posting this picture online if he did not pay her $5,000 following what seems to be a fun-filled evening of partying. Number 68’s pose in the picture was his response to the threat, in true legend fashion. Jagr stays winning forever. While we can’t confirm if he’s drunk in this photo, we’ll definitely bet that he’s hungover – at the least.


Evgeni Malkin

Evgeni Malkin has been as important to the Penguins success over the years as Sidney Crosby (who also figures on this list). Big, strong and skilled, Gino has helped anchor the middle of the ice for the Pittsburgh for over a decade now. He is proving to be an impact player yet again, with his club in the thick of another deep playoff run. The former Hart Trophy winner already has a Stanley Cup ring,and seems poised to make a run at a second one this spring. Another fun fact about Gino he is Russian. Russians love their vodka. A much younger Malkin can be viewed in this picture tongue wrestling with what seems to be a charming young lady, no doubt. The influence of alcohol can surely attest to the outcome captured on film. In hindsight, we’re sure Gino wanted this to remain private.