The 15 Hottest Female Stars Of The Walking Dead

The 15 Hottest Female Stars Of The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead might be a gritty show about surviving the zombie apocalypse, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the show is not swarming with super hot actresses. Sure, it’s not Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There is no glamorous lighting. No one is contoured or wearing fake eyelashes. That being said, there is something much more beautiful about the women on The Walking Dead. The lack of glamorization reminds us that sometimes people are even more beautiful without all of the fixings. The Walking Dead stars are meant to look like they are living through a zombie apocalypse so they rock the barefaced look and their hair looks like it was washed last month… but they still look good. Christian Serratos doesn’t need fake eyelashes or to have her face contoured. She’s just beautiful.

The women on this list are all gorgeous but vary in their time on the show. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to find someone who has lasted very long on the show because, uh, zombies. Even if they only appeared in one or two episodes, these hotties made an impression. Others on this list have appeared in almost every episode, with no signs of going anywhere soon. I mean, we all know Michonne and Maggie are both pretty safe for the time being, right

Below are 15 sexy women who play badass characters trying to survivor the zombie apocalypse. Let’s be real, what’s sexier than a badass woman Nothing.

  1. Sarah Wayne Callies

Regardless of how you felt about her character, Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori Grimes, was one of the hottest women on the show when it first premiered. I mean, this was the woman who was married to Rick and being pursued by his crazy bestie Shane. She had to be kind of attractive for audience members to buy that two hot dudes were super into her. Admittedly, due to her character’s annoying attitude, some audience members still wondered what was so special about her that both Rick and Shane were pursuing her but hey, you can’t really blame Callies’ pretty face for her character’s dumb decisions.

Before her appearance on The Walking Dead, Callies appeared on Prison Break from 2005 to 2009. She’s also set to appear in Prison Break Sequel out in 2017. So, if you’re missing Callies, you’ll have a chance to see her on the screen again soon.

  1. Alexandra Breckenridge

Why not just jump on over to Rick’s other love interest Alexandra Breckenridge played Jessie Anderson, who was perfectly fine as a character. There was nothing to personally not like about Jessie… except her sons. They sucked a lot and they eventually lead to her own death, when she basically let zombies eat her after seeing her youngest son get eaten by zombies. Rick was sad for a whole three seconds before he realized that Jessie was gripping onto Carl’s hand and he went ahead and hacked off her hand. That’s ol’ Rick for you. He’ll love you and, err, cut your hand off and then leave ya.

While she was a blonde on The Walking Dead, you may recognize her as a redhead. She played the sexy, red headed maid in the first season of American Horror Story. Yep, that was her in the almost not even there maid outfit. Other than that, she’s also had appearances on Save Me and True Blood, as well as having done voice work on Family Guy.

  1. Keisha Castle-Hughes

If you’re wondering who Keisha Castle-Hughes played, don’t worry, she only appeared in one episode so it’s easy to forget her character. We decided to throw her on the list because she’s hot and also due her work on television shows and movies in the nerd universe.

She played Joan, a patient who would rather die than stay at Grady Memorial Hospital, during her appearance on The Walking Dead. It was one of the first major red flags that pushed Beth’s determination to escape. If she looks familiar, it could be for other reasons, like her role as Obara Sand, one of the Sand Snakes, on Game of Thrones. She also appeared in Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith as Queen of Naboo. Castle-Hughes has been steadily working since her screen debut in Whale Rider, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

  1. Alanna Masterson

Though her character is never really glamorized on the show, Alanna Masterson has one of those faces that is pretty even without any makeup because of her naturally strong eyebrows and long eyelashes. The 28-year-old plays Tara Chambler on the show. When we meet her character, she’s teamed up with The Governor, not knowing that he’s really a baddie. After watching Hershel be gruesomely beheaded by The Governor, Tara kind of caught on to the whole “he’s a bad guy” thing. Since then, her character has done several kickass things, like helping Glenn get back to Maggie at all costs.

Masterson also had a reoccurring role on Mistresses but, uh, let’s all forget about that.

  1. Christine Woods

Listen, if Christine Woods wasn’t tremendously sexy, she wouldn’t have been included on this list, as it’s very easy to really, really hate her because of the character she played on The Walking Dead. Christine Woods played Officer Dawn Lerner, who was in charge of Grady Memorial Hospital. You may also remember her because it was her accidental gun shot that killed dear Beth. Of course, Daryl shot Officer Dawn immediately after, because screw her. Yeah, like we said, luckily for Woods, she’s so hot when she’s not Dawn Lerner, we had to include her on this list.

She also appeared on About A Boy, Hello Ladies and Flashforward. Since she didn’t kill a beloved character in those other shows, she’s probably more likeable on them.