You Can’t See Me: 15 Things John Cena Wants You To Forget

You Can’t See Me: 15 Things John Cena Wants You To Forget


John Cena has been synonymous with the WWE for over a decade now because of how he’s climbed to the very top of the company in all these years and established himself as “The Face” of the company. He’s not only on the top matches on the card of WWE’s events, but is also often advertized in behalf of the company as Vince McMahon has always shown great faith on him and Cena has repaid by making for a positive public image for himself and for the WWE with his amazing work inside and outside the company.

While ”Super Cena” might be a seemingly good guy because of his “Make A Wish” grants reaching mainstream news recently, but he also has a dark side to himself which neither he nor the WWE would want the fans to forget. Cena has the reputation of being quite influential in the locker room and often makes things go his way and has the history of burying some talent in the WWE because of personal conflicts.

There are certain things about Cena which he’d want the fans to forget about himself, as these could hamper his on-screen and of-screen character’s reputation and put a dent to his following in the company. Here are 15 things “The Face That Runs The Place”(no, not AJ Styles) would want the fans to forget.

  1. Crapping Himself During A Match

John Cena has been one of the most hard-working guys for the WWE in his years in the company, as he always puts in the shifts and turns up anyplace, anytime in order to entertain fans. And when we mean that nothing can stop him from turning up, that really means nothing as Cena actually crapped himself during a match because of turning up with a bad case of food poisoning. John recited the story on an episode of “Total Divas” where he spoke about how he wrestled one event when he was having food poisoning, and ended up crapping his pants during the match. However, he has also recited another version of the story earlier when he spoke about how it happened when he was wrestling Scott Steiner, as he had to roll under the ring and puke under the ring because of how sick he was feeling, also ending up crapping his pants at the time as well. Regardless of whichever is true, that’s quite the embarrassing situation someone could end up in, as the 15-time World Champ would definitely not want his fans to remember that disastrous moment of his life.

  1. Slapping Stephanie McMahon’s Booty

Okay, so John Cena has done plenty of goofy things in his WWE career and was quite the prankster in his early days as the “Doctor of Thuganomics”, as Cena would often diss people and so dirty things to them. This included the then- Smackdown General Manager in Stephanie McMahon, who had her segment on an episode of Smackdown hijacked by Cena who was in the arousal mood. Cena’s flattery got the attention of Stephanie, who actually allowed him to slap her butt after Cena has rhymed something in those lines, as it was something which was actually shown on WWE TV as it was during the more lenient Ruthless Aggression era. Now this is something neither the WWE nor Cena would want the fans to remember, as his problems with Stephanie’s authority over the years has been showcased and this is something which is too dirty for the Cena fans to watch their hero do, as some of the Doctor of Thuganomic’s deeds are dirty enough for Cena to want to erase them.

  1. He Is Quite The Party Animal In Real Life

While John Cena can boast of working almost 24×7 for the WWE, even he has his own personal life and hobbies outside the company and despite whatever he looks like in WWE TV, he is actually a cool dude in his real life. Not only that, but Cena is actually quite the crazy party guy in his personal life as some of his co-workers have stated about just how much he can drink and still have the energy to have a good time. Cena is a hard-core party animal when in the mood, as some pictures have surfaced over the years on how he loves to party hard with his friends and loved ones as pictures of him getting a “lap-dance” from his girlfriend also surfaced in the internet a few years ago. Cena has the reputation of being quite the “PG” character on WWE TV, so he’d definitely not want the fans to see this side of him which is anything but “PG” as Super Cena is actually quite the crazy guy in his personal space.

  1. His First Wrestling Gimmick

While John Cena attained his popularity mainly due to his “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect” gimmick, he had to take his time before he could become something relevant in wrestling and found it difficult to get his own suitable character in his early years in wrestling. Before joining the WWE, Cena was in a promotion named “Ultimate Pro Wrestling” where he began his training to become a pro wrestler, and here he got his first wrestling gimmick in “The Prototype”. This would be a blonde haired, semi-robotic character where Cena looked pumped up as hell in his physical form but looked quite awful with the get-up and the mannerisms of his character. Cena is the inspiration for many kids nowadays, as he’d definitely want everyone to forget about or not know about the Prototype character which was plain awful as Cena looked like a joke those days where he was still getting the hang of wrestling.

  1. He Has Never Pinned The Boss

While John Cena has the pleasure of boasting that he has pinned or submitted almost every notable superstar in the WWE during his time, he’s never defeated the ultimate evil, The Boss, Vince McMahon in the ring, as the two have faced on two occasions in the WWE. He first fought McMahon in a match in 2006 in which Vince got himself disqualified and then had Triple H beat Cena up. They faced again in a Gauntlet match about four years later, which Vince won because of help from other superstars, as Cena might boast of taking out all the corrupt authority figures in the WWE and pinning them down, but he hasn’t been able to do so to the ultimate authority figure in Mr. McMahon and would want fans to forget this fact as it could hamper his reputation of “Super Cena” quite a bit.