17 Seriously Hot Photos Of The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos

17 Seriously Hot Photos Of The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos

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Christian Serratos simply does not get enough attention. The 26-year-old actress plays Rosita Espinosa on The Walking Dead, but on the show, she’s often overshadowed by other strong female characters like Maggie, Michonne or Sasha, all of whom get more screen time than Serratos’ character. That aside, it’s almost impossible to not notice Serratos. Just look at her.

While her character may not have a library of great one liners like Abraham or Daryl, she is steadfast, kind and tough. Oh, and she’s also hot as hell. Even on a show about the zombie apocalypse, where showers are rare and blow dryers are even rarer, she’s a smokebomb. It also helps that she dresses in some of the most skimpy outfits on the show. Seriously, her clothes seem like what a guy would think women would wear during a zombie apocalypse. We’re not dissing her Lara Croft-esque outfits by any means. We’re just saying that midriff-baring tops probably wouldn’t be the first thing you’d rock with zombies around but hey, we’re not complaining.

Below are smoking hot photos of Serratos, along with some fun facts you may not know about her. She’s been in the business since 2005, when she was just 15-years-old, so there’s bound to be a few roles of hers that you didn’t know about… uh, like her role in Twilight. Yes, we’re serious. She was in all the Twilight films, but maybe these super hot pictures will help you forget about that fun fact. Also, spoilers regarding Rosita on the show and in the comics appear below. You’ve been warned, dear readers.

  1. Serratos All Done Up

After being so used to seeing Serratos without her hair or makeup fully done on The Walking Dead, it may be slightly jarring to see her so done up. But, she sure does look good all done up, if we do say so ourselves. If you think she’s hot on the show, we bet this photo is a winner for you. Between the plunging black dress, dramatic eye makeup and pop of a colorful lipstick, Serratos is rocking this look.

It’s too bad her character isn’t able to get full-on glamorized on the show. Though, like we said, she’s still a knockout with her fresh face and pigtails fighting through hordes of zombies. Serratos can truly look good dressed up or dressed down.

  1. The Girl Gets Glamorized

This is about as far from Rosita Espinosa as Christian Serratos can get. Obviously, her hair and makeup are done. She’s wearing a deep red lipstick, which looks amazing with her hair color and skin tone. Getting even further away from Rosita, Serratos also has her nails done. Manicures are not something one has the luxury of enjoying during the zombie apocalypse.

Serratos is also in the beautiful, silver dress, which Rosita would never wear for two reasons. The first reason being that running in a dress is difficult. When those zombies are coming, no way Rosita would risk being slowed down by a restrictive dress. The second reason this dress is not really Rosita’s style is obviously because there’s no midriff showing. Rosita would take a pair of low-cut jeans and tiny tank top over this look any day of the week.

  1. Serratos Staying In Bed

Let’s get the obvious issue out of the way here no one wakes up looking like that. We women just don’t. Serratos has perfectly curled hair and a precise red lip color. Do you know what happens if you go to sleep with red lipstick on It ends up on your pillowcase and smeared across your cheeks.

The reality of the photo aside, Serratos makes you want to stay in bed all day with her. Seriously, what in the world was Abraham thinking when he broke up with her We’ll never know. The juxtaposition of the red lip with the crisp white sheets also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the photo. There’s also Serratos’ face, which is mega aesthetically appealing on its own too.

  1. Serratos Loving Her Hair

Alright, let’s just get this out of the way really quick Serratos is really feeling her hair in this picture, right She’s just all about her long locks. Moving on, you apparently just have to put Christian Serratos against a white background and she still looks amazing.

The actress got her first gig on Zoey 101. The Nickelodeon show starred Jamie Lynn Spears in the title role. It was not a breakout role for Serratos by any means. She played Girl #1 at a school dance. However, it was definitely a foot in the door.

Oddly enough, Alexa Nikolas, who played Nicole Bristow on the Zoey 101, also went on to appear on The Walking Dead. She had a small role as a resident in Woodbury. You may remember her as the young woman protecting Woodbury with her bow and arrow. One day, Andrea helps her out and when it turns out that she cannot shoot for shit, Andrea hops down off the wall and stabs the zombie herself. Nikolas’ character was short-lived, as Maggie shot her dead during one of the face offs with Woodbury.

  1. Serratos As Rosita

Ah, the Rosita we were introduced to. We met Rosita Espinosa, along with Eugene and Abraham, at the very end of season 4, episode 10. They help Tara and Glenn in a dire situation but when he wakes up, Glenn is reluctant to accept their help. He only has one thing on his mind finding Maggie.

Meanwhile, Rosita and Abraham want to get Eugene to Washing D.C. so he can cure the zombie virus. Yeah, it was when everyone still thought Eugene had the cure. You’d think Glenn would have pressed him about that more considering Glenn’s experience at the CDC. We’ll let that slide, though, since Glenn is now dearly departed.

In the beginning, Rosita seems to be the most levelheaded of their group. Both Eugene and Abraham had their own odd way of talking and very strong personalities. Rosita, on the other hand, was capable, fair and kind. She was the first to call out Glenn, who was forcing Tara to continue walking despite her injured leg.

  1. Serratos All Dolled Up

Serratos has a beautiful face. Plain and simple. There’s really no way around it. She looks great on the show without makeup on and stunning on the red carpet with makeup. Of course, Serratos should be used to red carpet events by this point, as she got her breakout role in 2008’s Twilight. Appearing in all the mega movies, except the final film for which she just received the credit, Serratos surely got used to red carpets and fame quickly.

In the Twilight films, Serratos played Angela, who was basically the opposite of Rosita. To put it simply, Angela from Twilight would probably not survive the zombie apocalypse. She’s described as shy and insightful. She gives people space and is very quiet. Her character is very close to Bella (Kristen Stewart) and is one of the more positive portrayals of humans in that world.