15 Scumbag NFL Players Who Abused Women

15 Scumbag NFL Players Who Abused Women

Source: Thesportster.com

Don’t let the pink flags fool you, the NFL cares as much about women as George Bush does about black people. There’s no need to have the uncomfortable Mike Myers face, this information is not new. The NFL is the Cleveland Browns of caring about women. Domestic violence cases are ignored and buried, while we focus more on Cam Newton’s funny hats and Antonio Brown’s penalized twerking dances.

Unfortunately, a number of abuse charges against athletes are thrown out before an athlete can get punished. When the trail gets to court the women either don’t show up or they suddenly decide to drop the charges. Almost like they were… paid to do it. GASP! I know, these accusations I’m making are as shocking as a misogynistic comment from Donald Trump. It’s sickening these athletes have the money to hit women and get away with it, and it’s even more disgusting that the most powerful sports league in the country lets them do it. I guess most of the hits from these horrific assaults must have been within the league designated PSI, because many of these events never caused a suspension.

There’s nothing worse than a man who would lay a hand on a woman, not even Jet fans, and Jet fans are terrible. This list doesn’t celebrate these monsters who are as manly as the crotch of a Ken doll. No, this list is to expose these human versions of Rob Schneider movies for the dingle berries they truly are. Learn about the enemies and troll them. Worse thing that can happen is you get punch and paid off.


The rising star linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals has all but flushed his career down the toilet after being suspended for the past two seasons. Washington signed a four-year $32 million contract and then decided to get himself suspended for the season and then another season. In 2013, Daryl Washington was charged with two counts of aggravated assault when he broke into his baby mama’s house, shoved her to the ground and broke her collarbone. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one-year of supervised parole. You’re thinking, “Good, I’m glad that garbage maggot got what he deserved.” However, Washington wasn’t suspended for aggravated assault, he was suspended because he tested positive for marijuana. The NFL: Where you can fight your baby mama, but can’t light that pain reducing ganja.


The former Titans and Ravens cornerback apparently doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day represents. On Valentine’s Day, 2005, Samari Rolle’s wife was treated for a cut over her left eye. Valentine’s day is the day to love and get weird with your partner, not to get angry and violent. Rolle received a zero game suspension from the NFL, and made a $10,000 donation to battered women and took counseling. I get it, you buy your girl a box of chocolates and she leaves you with the nasty coconut one. It’s frustrating, but those are HER chocolates, and you’re lucky she even shared them with your punk-ass. Rolle hit his wife on Valentine’s day, he should’ve never played in the NFL again and been sentenced to eat all the coconut candies until he gets diabetes and loses a foot.


What do you get when you take Michael Irving minus the cocaine and post-season success and add injury concerns with a dash of woman abuse? Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. In 2012 Bryant allegedly grabbed his own mother by her shirt and slapped her across the face with his hat. It sounds similar to something a mother would do to discipline her child running around the house and acting a fool, not something a grown man would do to his own mother. Bryant’s mom had swelling in her wrists and a torn shirt and bra. Come on, Dez. You can’t be slapping your mom with a hat and tearing her bra. Bryant was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting a family member, posted his $1,500 bond and that was it, no suspension, nothing. In 2015, Bryant did get robbed on a gaming winning divisional catch and if karma is a momma it will happen a few more times for good measure.


The former Defensive Rookie of the Year, San Diego Charger linebacker, and steroid user had his body and career fall apart around the time he met MySpace star Tila Tequila. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Myspace” dated the doping Merriman in 2009, and believe it or not, the talentless reality star and the cheating football player couldn’t make things work.

Shawne Merriman is a mountain of trash and torn muscles. Tila Tequila is nothing more than a gnat. Yes, they are annoying but they have a shelf life of a week so just ignore them and be done with it. Instead the 6’4 260 pound Merriman decided to choke and restraint the 4’11 104 pound Tequila. The charges were torn up a week later just like Merriman’s knee and Achilles.


The former Cardinals running back saw Ray Rice’s and Greg Hardy’s disgusting assaults on women and then saw Adrian Peterson’s terrible child abuse and thought, “I’m not as good as a football player as those guys, but if I hit a women and a child I can be a bigger pile of puke than them.” In 2014, Dwyer racked up five charges in two days. July 21st, Dwyer tried to get some afternoon delight with his girlfriend and when she didn’t want any part of his thumb crotch he head-butted her and fractured her nose. The next day, Dwyer proved there’s no bottom to his awfulness and punched his girlfriend in the face. Dwyer threw a tantrum and started punching walls and acting like a man who’s genitals get confused for an outtie bellybutton. When his girlfriend tried to call 911 he threw the phone out the window, and then he picked up a shoe and threw it and hit their 17-month old son hitting him in the stomach. Who throws a shoe? Honestly! Dwyer was cut from the Cardinals and received eighteen months of probation and a lifetime of shame.


You might remember Bruce Miller from earlier this year when he beat up a seventy-year-old man, well don’t worry he also beats up women. In 2015, this double-barrel-douche allegedly smashed his fiancée phone and shoved to the ground in a shopping plaza parking lot. Nothing like a day of shopping and domestic abuse. Miller plead no contest to disturbing the peace and completed a 16-week domestic violence course. The 49ers fully supported their full-back, because why not support a terrible human that plays a dying position?

It is unsure if the domestic violence course was designed to rehabilitate Miller or make him better at violence, because a little over a year Miller was arrested again. This time Miller committed seven felonies and a misdemeanor for good measure. Miller was thrown out of a restaurant after arguing over a sandwich and when there was no vacancy at the Marriott, he started pounding on doors until a seventy-year-old man answered. Miller then beat the elderly man and his son with the old man’s cane and fled the scene. Thank goodness the 49ers gave this a second chance, or we would’ve never known the true capabilities to this 250-pound hemorrhoid. The 49ers cut Miller this season.


James Harrison is the Steelers linebacker who retires and unretires more than Brett Farve. James Harrison has the nickname Deebo which is fitting because he is utterly terrifying, an abusive bully, and really needs to get knocked out.

In 2008, Harrison was arrested with criminal mischief and simple assault. Wait, how can a six foot 275 professional football player commit “simple” assault? Harrison destroyed a bedroom door, snapped his girlfriend’s phone in half, and slapped her in the face. What caused such a terrifying act of violence? Harrison’s and his girlfriend had an argument about the baptism of their son. I must have missed that part in the bible. “It’s cool if thou strikeths one’s baby mama for refusing to water board thou’s child.” Congratulations, James, you’re a terrible person and you can’t grasp the very simple foundations of Christianity. Make sure you root for James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger, and all the classy Pittsburg Steelers every Sunday!


The crazy talented and just plan crazy, wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been named in eight instances of violence against women, but none of them lead to a criminal conviction. Conveniently and probably costly, the accuser would drop or change their story.

Marshall had a turbulent relationship with Rasheedah Watley. In June 2006, Watley hid in the bushes and called her friend saying Marshall punched her in the face. When the fuzz showed up Marshall said Wately punched him, the officers saw scratches on Marshall’s chest and no charges were filed. Watley and Marshall did the same song and dance two other times, abuse was reported and then the story was either changed or dropped.

In 2008 Marshall was hit with a three game suspension from the league’s personal-conduct policy, but he promised to be cool and they dropped it to one game. In 2009 Marshall and his fiancée, Michi Nogami-Campbell were arrested for kicking and punching each other on the sidewalk. I can only hope it looked like Bart and Lisa before their hockey game. Of course both of them refused to testify against each other and the charges were dropped.

The happy and healthy couple got married and in 2011 had a very Florida moment. Florida Sheriff’s arrived to Marshall’s home and saw a pool of blood by the door, some blood on a clip of bullets, and blood on Marshall’s shoes. You add a Pitbull song to that scene and you got yourself a popping Miami party. Michi was dressed with a large bruise on her left cheek and a cuts on her foot and finger. Marshall was wearing cuts on both wrists and a slash to the gut that required surgery. Michi said she stabbed Marshall in self-defense and was charged for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Marshall later changed the story and said he slipped and fell on shards of broken glass from a shattered vase. Oldest excuse in the book. However, it still got the authorities to drop the charges against Michi. And you thought Marshall and Cutler had a complex relationship.