The 15 Saddest Quotes In WWE History

The 15 Saddest Quotes In WWE History

It’s no secret pro wrestling is an incredibly tough business which puts a ridiculous amount of physical and mental stress on those who make it their life work. All of their time and effort is spent on making memories for the fans that tune in week in and week out. All of the sacrifices (family, financial, etc) are paid off when wrestlers get that big moment, whether it’s a title reign, a win at WrestleMania, or induction into a Hall of Fame. For some wrestlers, this big moment never materializes and they come to a realization that all of their hard work may not have been worth it in the end. Often this is when we get to hear some real talk about how they either need to make a change or continue to grind.

Through the tough times, strong friendships are made and when a friend (or family member) passes away from the struggles of living the pro wrestling life, that’s where we also get some of the most disheartening and saddest comments of all-time.

Time waits for no man, so let’s get right to 15 quotes that will most definitely cause you to blame those tears on someone cutting onions.

  1. Owen Hart Passes Away – Jim Ross

I have the unfortunate responsibility to let everyone know that Owen Hart has died.” – Jim Ross

Scheduled to go up against The Godfather, at that time Owen Hart was wrestling as The Blue Blazer at Over the Edge in 1999. The initial plan was for Owen to repel from the rafters into the ring, which was a 70-foot drop. Early in the descent, Owen’s cable was disengaged very the safety vest that he wore, it had a quick release option, so he could get out of the vest once getting to the ring. After being taken to a hospital, about an hour later Jim Ross let the TV audience know Owen’s unfortunate fate, the live audience wouldn’t know until they got home.

“All that I can say about Owen Hart is that I hope that I can be, as good a man as him, so that I can see him again, someday.” – Jim Ross

The next night, WWE did a tribute for Owen, dedicating the entire show to his memory as wrestlers told stories throughout the show. Ross’s comment was a mix of being incredibly sad and sweet at the same time.

  1. A Series Of Tragedies – Kevin Von Erich

“I used to have five brothers. Now I’m not even a brother.” – Kevin Von Erich

It’s tough not to use the word “cursed” when it comes to death and the Von Erich family. The oldest (Jack Jr.) died at the age of six when he was shocked unconscious by an exposed wire and drowned in a puddle. David passed away officially from an unconfirmed cause, but many within pro wrestling have said it was from a drug overdose.

Then a string of suicides followed as Mike overdosed on Placidyl and alcohol in 1987 after not being able to return to the ring once he was diagnosed with Toxic shock syndrome. Chris shot himself in the head in 1991, after not having much success in wrestling, partly due to his asthma medication, which led to losing muscle tone. The pressure of the family name may have been too much for him to bare, although in his suicide note he didn’t put any blame on the family. Kerry (aka Texas Tornado) shot himself in the chest in 1993, partly due the physical pain he endured from a motorcycle accident that eventually took his foot. His brothers’ deaths also weighed heavily on his mind, but the final straw was when drug related legal issues came up that would have sent him to prison, he opted not to go.

  1. Friends Pass Away – Chris Jericho

“There’s a great picture in A Lions’ Tale of me, Dean, Eddie, Benoit, and Brian Hildebrand (my WCW gang) in 1998. There’s another one in Undisputed of the surviving four of us after Brian passed away. Now only Dean and I remain. Hopefully there will be another picture of the two of us in my next book.” – Chris Jericho

Brian started out as a manager in 1984, but work most notably as referee, Mark Curtis, in WCW during the mid 90s. He passed away in 1999 from stomach and bowel cancer. Chris Benoit hung himself after killing both his wife and son in June 2007. Benoit’s brain was studied and it was found that it was so damaged that it resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient, stemming from a number of concussions over his pro wrestling career. Even though he had a Hall of Fame career, WWE has not mentioned Benoit since 2007 and will never be inducted. We’ll get to Eddie’s passing in a bit.

  1. A Classic Commentary Team – Bobby Heenan

“Only one thing’s missing, I wish Monsoon was here.” – Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Considered by most as the greatest manager in the history of pro-wrestling, Bobby Heenan was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2004. With his incredible manager career aside, Bobby was also a wizard of words at commentary, spending many years behind the table as a color commentator. While he worked with a number of people, his best chemistry came when he sat next to Hall of Famer, Gorilla Monsoon.

Playing up the lovable play-by-play role, Heenan was a constant needle in Gorilla’s side and he loved to swat Heenan any chance he got. The two worked so well together because they were best friends in real life, spending a ton of time even when the cameras weren’t on. After speaking for almost twenty-five minutes Heenan closed out his Hall of Fame speech giving thanks to a number of people and saying the only person missing was Monsoon, choking up as he spoke those words.

  1. Wrestling Is Life – John Cena

“This is all I got.” – John Cena (pointing to the crowd as they chant “Cena Sucks”)

Now, on one had it might be tough to sympathize with Cena, who currently lives in a marble castle in Florida. It’s fair to say he’s sacrificed a lot to be at the top of the WWE for so long and it seems like he’s never home because they have him doing so much in and out of the ring. Even though Cena is crazy successful it’s forced him to divorced and not want to get married or have kids due to his crazy schedule.

The really sad part is what that phrase represents; this is the mentality that most wrestlers have and if things don’t work out in wrestling, they often don’t have anything else to fall back on. While someone like Cena would land on his feet, there’s a hundred other wrestlers out there who go back to working everyday jobs to just get by.