15 NHL Players Who Are Total Jerks Off The Ice

15 NHL Players Who Are Total Jerks Off The Ice

This is the second part of a four-part series about jerks in the sporting world. Previously we took a look at the NFL in a two-part series (found here, and here!). Today we will focus on the NHL.

Overall, professional hockey players have a very good reputation for being good people. They spend a lot of their own time and money giving back to the community in which they play. On top of this, hockey players are often seen doing a lot to help out their hometowns and help inspire the next generation of hockey.

Hockey players are also known for taking time out to talk to fans wherever they might meet up. Unfortunately as you are about to find out though, there are a few that are definitely jerks. Well more than a few actually, but in the overall picture of how big the league is, thankfully the number is just a small fraction.

Some of the events that were done by players to make this list will amaze you. One player got into a fight with a cab driver over less than a dollar (despite making millions).

Another player (several actually!) stole the wife of a teammate. Then you have the guys that regularly hand out cheap shots on the ice and those that treat fans horribly. We also have to have the token sexual abuse case because sadly, there is at least one of those in each league. You’ll even learn what player was described as a crack monster!

So without further delay let’s take a look at some NHL players that are jerks.

15 NHL Players Who Are Total Jerks Off The Ice


Martin St. Louis

15. Martin St. Louis

Hockey fans have loyalties to their favorite team that run deep. But deep down, there are also hockey fans that just love the game. They will go to any hockey game no matter who is playing. Similarly, they like to meet players that play for other teams just as much as they like to meet players from their favorite team. They may not like the team that a certain player plays for, but if they get the chance to meet them, they are usually polite to them.

Martin St. Louis doesn’t mind signing autographs as long as you are a fan of the team that he plays for. But he won’t sign anything for a fan that is wearing any hockey team’s gear other than his. Now that he is retired, we can only hope that he has relaxed this practice. There is no denying though that during his career there were several times where he wouldn’t sign autographs for fans that were wearing the colors or logo of his opposition that night. Unless someone was rude to him, that really seems like an extreme reaction on Martin’s part.


Jay Pandolfo

While playing for the New Jersey Devils in the playoffs one season, Jay Pandolfo encountered a fan after a tough loss. He was approached by a Devils fan in a polite manner and asked for an autograph. Pandolfo told the fan yes, but asked them to hang on one minute and then continued to walk away. When he got about 15 feet away he turned back toward the fan, who was still standing in the same place, and rudely said “Are you still there Sure I’ll give you an autograph…tomorrow.” He then turned around and continued to walk away.

14. Jay Pandolfo

Everyone that was nearby was stunned. Former NHL player John Madden, who was playing for New Jersey at the time, saw what happened and came over and gave the fan an autograph and took pictures with him.

Madden showed the good character that most hockey players have. But there is no excuse for Pandolfo to act that way, even after a loss. If someone approaches a player in a rude or aggressive manner the player has every right to refuse an autograph. But if that’s not the case, the player at the very least, could be polite with their rejection. Unfortunately for Pandolfo, acting this way toward fans wasn’t an isolated incident and he was known for being a jerk.


Sean Avery

If there weren’t other players to put on this list Sean Avery could easily take up every spot. He is without question one of the biggest jerks to ever put on an NHL uniform. Though luckily for fans, he was only a jerk on the ice and in the locker room.

13. Sean Avery

One time during a game with the New Jersey Devils, he stood in front of goalie Martin Brodeur and was actually waving his hands in front of Brodeur’s face to block his view. It clearly agitated Brodeur, especially when Avery continued throughout the game. It was one of the most pathetic displays ever on the ice. Then of course you have the comments Avery made about Elisha Cuthbert being someone’s “sloppy seconds” and you get the idea of just how low of class this guy has.

To give a good summary of Sean Avery we can quote Ken Holland talking about Avery’s time with the Detroit Red Wings. Holland is one of the most respected people in the game and when he was asked if the team would ever bring Avery back Holland replied that Avery had

“Absolutely no respect for the game, the people and the organization.” I think that’s a no.


Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand has several nicknames that have been given to him by just about every other player in the NHL. Most of them we can’t print here, but one of them is ‘brat’. It’s an apt description for him and probably the best of the bunch. He is hated by everyone in the league and while they are more discreet, most players on his team don’t like him either. He is a pretty good player and can score, but he is cocky and is known for giving out cheap shots on the ice any chance that he gets. He is also known as a diver and if he didn’t score a good amount of points, he could challenge Sean Avery for the jerk of the year award.

12. Brad Marchand

Countless times he starts fights during games. That is part of the game, but he instigates fights that he has no intention of taking part in. He will bait another player and then run away. What he does like to take part in though is partying. He has been known to get drunk around Boston and then take his shirt off and start dancing on tables. That’s not really how a professional athlete should be acting in public. Actually that’s not how any man should be acting in public. Isn’t the dancing on tables topless usually a woman’s thing

Marchand reached a new low in 2014 after he taunted the Vancouver Canucks by pretending to lift the Stanley Cup over his head. His Bruins defeated the Canucks for the Cup in 2011 and the move was totally classless. Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien was not very happy about it. He said

“Sometimes his emotions get the better of him. The perception it gives our organization is not what you want to see with those kind of things. From what I hear, what happened, that’s definitely not something we will accept in our organization.”

Welcome to the list Brad. I’m sure it won’t be the last one that you are on before your career is done.


Steve Downie

Steve Downie is a dirtbag and a jerk rolled into one. Can you believe that this guy was once a first round draft pick The only talent that he has on the ice is injuring people, which he did several times in his career. On four different occasions during his career he has racked up over 100 penalty minutes in a season, and twice he topped the 200 minute mark. The numbers would probably be higher, but he is always suspended.

11. Steve Downie

Such as during his rookie year with the Philadelphia Flyers when he was suspended 20 games for leaving his feet while delivering a body check into the boards to Dean McAmmond.

The following season after being demoted to the AHL he was suspended for another 20 games for slashing a linesman. Yes, you read that right.

He had another disturbing incident during his time in the OHL as well. Downie was hazing rookies by getting them naked and shoving them into a very small bathroom on a bus. 16 year old Akim Aliu refused to participate and Downie made sure that he paid a price for it. Shortly after that during a practice, Downie blindsided Aliu and crosschecked him in the face with his stick, knocking out three teeth. He then got into a fight with the much younger Aliu. This was his teammate!

While playing with the Colorado Avalanche Downie also got into a fight with his team captain Gabriel Landeskog which led to Downie’s eventual departure from the team.

Why anyone would sign this idiot to their team is a complete mystery.