15 NBA Stars That Were Caught In “R Rated” Situations

15 NBA Stars That Were Caught In “R Rated” Situations

Source: Thesportster.com

The NBA has had their fair share of scandals over the years and we at TheSportster don’t mind telling you all about them. People get caught in ‘R Rated’ situations all the time. It’s as common as getting a speeding ticket or watching LeBron James complain about something. Now that we have the internet, and everyone has a camera attached to their phone, these types of situations have been popping up a lot more over the years. Thank you internet!

So what’s an R Rated situation It’s being involved in some kind of sexual act in layman’s terms. Each person on this list may or may not have gotten caught at the exact time that they’re R Rated situation happened, but they did get caught sooner than later. Others on this list actually did get caught in the act and it’s pretty embarrassing. Either way, it’s about that sexual situation getting blown up for the public to see.

Whether it’s cheating on a spouse, having their naked pictures pop up on the internet, or everybody seeing the transcript of their sexting, these situations may shock you. What’s the lesson of this listicle Don’t trust the internet and NBA players love women.


Nick Young didn’t get caught in the act, but he did get caught admitting that he cheated on his fiancée, Iggy Azalea, in 2016. While hanging in a hotel room with teammate D’Angelo Russell, Young spoke about his infidelity without knowing Russell was recording him. The Los Angeles Lakers teammates talk about a 19-year old female Young had a sexual relationship with while dating Azalea. The video was posted online and we’re pretty sure all parties were embarrassed.

First of all, what’s up with Russell even videotaping the conversation Secondly, what’s up with Russell videotaping the conversation Seriously, he broke the bro code. Russell did get a cold shoulder from his teammates, as it turned out he was just trying to prank Young, but somehow the video got leaked online.


You don’t even need to be in the same room, city, state, or country to have a R Rated situation exposed to the public. Metta World Peace has never been the most level headed guy and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t care about his sexting being blasted on the internet, but it did happen in 2011. Deadspin covered the story when they allowed an anonymous female to write about her experience with Peace.

She explained she was an Oklahoma City Thunder fan and only followed Peace because of his strange tweets. Peace became aggressive with her and wanted a sexual relationship. The female wanted no part of that, but continued to joke with him about it. Peace even sent some naughty photos and videos, but she still declined.


Pretty much everyone knows the story unless you have no idea who Black Mamba is. Kobe Bryant loves women and couldn’t stay faithful. His philandering ways got him in hot water when one hotel employee accused him of sexual assault in 2003. The two sides settled and Bryant did a lot of begging to his high school sweetheart and wife, Vanessa Laine.

She ultimately decided to stay with the future Hall of Famer, but things once again got nasty when Vanessa was told by the wives of Bryant’s teammates about his infidelity. Rumors swirled of a divorce but the two stayed together. He was caught cheating several times, yet his wife stays loyal to him. You would think she would sue the daylights out of him. She’s definitely Kobe’s number one fan.


Paul George may have had one of the most devastating injuries ever seen on television back in August of 2014, however, we don’t think NBA coach Doc Rivers and his daughter, Callie, gave two squirts about him. Why Allegedly, George offered to pay a Miami a former stripper named Daniela Rajic $1 million dollars to get an abortion. The two hooked up in 2013 and we’re pretty positive George regretted the move because it seems like the lady was trapping him.

He got caught cheating on Callie when Rajic came out that her child’s father was George. Maybe he got the devastating injury because the Rivers family placed a curse on him or it was a freak accident. George would stay in the tabloids that same year when news came out that he had a sexual relationship with a woman who was with his teammate, Roy Hibbert. Stay classy George, stay classy.


Just because you have all your clothes on and are in a room full of people, doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in an R Rated  situation. James Harden has blown up since he signed with the Houston Rockets in 2012. The guy is a flat out stud when it comes to the offensive side of the ball, plus his beard is legit. Harden, like many other professional athletes, loves the strip club or rather women in general.

There are enough images online showing Harden around a group of beautiful women, however, there’s one picture of him with a stripper. Harden is definitely enjoying himself in the picture and probably the stripper as well because of all the cash surrounding her. We don’t know if we would be more smitten with Harden’s beard or what the stripper was doing…


J.R. Smith has been a party animal for most of his career, so it’s not surprising he would pull this stunt while being a member of the NBA. In 2012, Smith would tweet a photo of rapper Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, Tahiry. What was wrong with the tweet It was a shot of Tahiry’s backside on a hotel bed. You can see all the skin and more as Smith and Tahiry watch a game. It paints a good picture of what probably came right after the image.

Apparently, Budden and Tahiry didn’t like the tweet, but we doubt Smith cared. He did apologize, but it didn’t really seem sincere. That’s the one thing about Twitter if you post something, the whole world is going to see it and criticize it. Maybe Smith has learned his lesson as he hasn’t blown up Twitter like that since the incident. Why even bother when you won a Championship